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Who is Pyriscent?

Pyriscent is a psychedelic grunge band from California founded by Matthew Rodriguez. Matthew has been writing original music for Pyriscent since 2004. It is a strange name that means a lot. A Pyriscent seed is a seed that takes fire to sprout. A pine cone is one such seed. How many times have you gone through tragedy that seemed meaningless? People tell you “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” but you just don’t feel it. Everything you go through shapes who you are. It is really hard to see this at first but years later it becomes very evident.

Pyriscent was a project and labor of love that aims to be unique. The goal is to play music inspired by the past but looks towards the future in such a way, that it’s unique flavor makes it stand apart. Guitar synthesizers, too much echo effects and strange chord progressions lead to a vocal style that lends itself to the intellectual road less traveled. Pyriscent wants to take you on a journey to explore your mind. Your pain was not in vain. You are now ready for all that you have to face in your future. Use Pyriscent to soothe your soul in your times of need. We hope to see you in the comments!