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The Bitcoin Boom

Some of you may have heard about what has been happening for bitcoin. If you are scared of bitcoin being some type of scam I won’t go into the details of what you should or should not do. What I will tell you is what I am doing. I am buying bitcoin. I am becoming poor buying bitcoin and I

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T-Shirts and Merchandise are now available

I just finished updating the website that I use for selling T-Shirts. Eventually all of this will be here on my website so you can browse T-Shirts here. For now take a look at the listings and see if there is anything you like. I priced this very competitively to get started.

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Website Launch

Hello, if you’re reading this you’re likely already a fan of my music. I am forever grateful for those of you that are big enough fans of mine to visit my website. YouTube deleted over 10 years of work without cause in 2016. I have had to rebuild my YouTube channel and that made me realize something. I NEED MY

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