The Bitcoin Boom

Some of you may have heard about what has been happening for bitcoin. If you are scared of bitcoin being some type of scam I won’t go into the details of what you should or should not do. What I will tell you is what I am doing. I am buying bitcoin. I am becoming poor buying bitcoin and I don’t mind. Money is worth what people are willing to give you for it. It has been this way since we went off of the gold standard. They just keep printing this stuff.

Right now we are seeing the birth of the rarest asset in the history of humanity. For the first time since our species has existed, a new asset that revolutionizes the entire world has been formed while at the same time being the most rare thing humans have ever created. There are 21 million bitcoins and there will never be more. Unlike other asset classes, even gold, more can always be created or discovered. If you don’t get a piece of bitcoin now, the price will only go up and you will miss out on future profits. It has only gone up over time and while it fluctuates we will never again see a $3,000 bitcoin. At this point I don’t think we will ever again see a $20,000 bitcoin. Unlike the value of the dollar which will go down, bitcoin, like gold, will go up against the dollar. The reasons for this are numerous.

When bitcoin was born it was trading for fractions of a penny. It is now upwards of $60,000 dollars, a new all time high, at the time of the writing of this article. If you take a moment to understand what this means you will probably be upset that you didn’t get into bitcoin earlier. Or perhaps you might be wishing that you had been mining for bitcoin, thus giving yourself free bitcoin in the future. Mining bitcoin is the process by which you rent your computing power in exchange for bitcoin. Your electricity bill goes up and in exchange you get bitcoin. Most of the time, you will make a profit and if you wait until the price of bitcoin goes up, you will always make a profit if you don’t sell your bitcoin.

You can buy $100 worth of bitcoin right now. Do it. Buy as much as you can and hold it for dear life. This is your nest egg. Add to it every now and then when you can and pull from it when bitcoin pumps if you need to. However, put the same amount of bitcoin back later if not more. Treat bitcoin as a place to hold your money and make sure you do your best to learn the market. I recommend watching the live streams of a youtuber named BITCOIN HYPER. While complex and fast moving at first ,this new market of crypto currency is taking power away from the banks. No one can control bitcoin. No one can steal your bitcoin. No one can hack your bitcoin. No one can tax your bitcoin. No one can know you have bitcoin. Nothing can stop bitcoin. No one. No bank. No government.

There is far too much to talk about in one article but the most important reason to own bitcoin is as a store of value against the dollar. As more money is printed, your dollar and hard work, is worth less each year. Bitcoin helps you stop this process. If you want to get started go ahead and sign up here. I’ll get $10 if you do and so will you as long as you deposit $100. So far bitcoin has been a major game changer for me. I hope you enjoy the process and I’ll see you on the BitcoinHyper live Stream! Don’t think that you can be invincible in this. If you get scared you will lose money. If you buy high and sell low you will lose money. If you panic you will lose money. If you listen to what people who don’t understand the technology say YOU WILL LOSE MONEY. Study the tech, learn it. Learn why it is amazing and jump on the train. All aboard!

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