Website Launch

Hello, if you’re reading this you’re likely already a fan of my music. I am forever grateful for those of you that are big enough fans of mine to visit my website. YouTube deleted over 10 years of work without cause in 2016. I have had to rebuild my YouTube channel and that made me realize something. I NEED MY OWN WEBSITE. The next time I get deleted (I have zero faith in YouTube) I will find all of you here. The most loyal of my fans won’t just be able to keep up with me, you’ll be rewarded with free music and merchandise. I have had a tough time relearning web design. Things are much different from the olden days of geocities and tripod websites. Rest assured, this website will continue to get better.

My plans for the site include a community forum, a digital music and physical merchandise store, an email list, a blog, a page for my favorite YouTube videos I have produced, a page for my teaching/mixing/mastering services and so much more. I hope you enjoy the content I have so far and I’ll see you guys in the comments! Take care for now.

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